Weather History in Kansas City Missouri, United States

This page is the jump-off point for all the past weather for Kansas City. You can get an approximate weather history for Kansas City via the nearby weather stations listed below. The reports feature all historical weather data series we have available, including the temperature history. You can drill down from year to month and even day level reports by clicking on the graphs.

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Here is a list of the nearby weather stations showing what historical data we have available for them. The available report types are color coded like so:

       METAR Airport weather stations
       ISD NOAA's Integrated Surface Database
       Both Both METAR and ISD are available

Midwest National Air Center, Missouri, United States

52°F, clear @ 3:55 PM (13 min ago)
21 mi northeast, 2016 - 2022
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METAR Reports

Airport weather stations throughout the world routinely issue METAR weather reports . Such reports are used by pilots, air traffic controllers, meteorologists, climatologists, and other researchers. They are published via radio transmission and on the internet. We have been collecting and archiving published METAR reports since 2011, and have found third-party sources for archived reports from years prior to that.

ISD Reports

The Integrated Surface Database (ISD), maintained and published by NOAA's National Center for Environmental Information , consists of hourly and synoptic weather reports from a variety of sources. We use ISD data to complement and backfill for our METAR archive.