Muan, South Korea


Current Conditions

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Overcast with light rain
    12 mph winds from SE. 100% humidity. Dew point 64°F. 29.85" Hg. Visibility 26'.
  • Forecast and current conditions from 34.9800, 126.3800, 7' elevation
  • Current conditions updated at 3:00pm, 49min ago

Forecast Met.noWWO

Tonight, Tuesday Apr 28

Light rain (0.861")

Tomorrow, Wednesday Apr 29

Light rain (0.346")
15 mph winds midmorning to early afternoon
64°F 56°F

Thursday Apr 30

Overcast early morning
Mostly cloudy late morning to late afternoon
Clear midevening onward
Drizzle all morning (0.067")
Drizzle midafternoon to early evening (0.083")
65°F 57°F

Friday May 1

Sunny early morning
Mostly cloudy midmorning to early afternoon
Sunny midafternoon onward
69°F 58°F

Saturday May 2

Mostly cloudy to overcast
Drizzle at night (0.010")
70°F 61°F

Sunday May 3

Mostly cloudy to overcast
Drizzle early morning to early evening (0.132")
Drizzle at night (0.012")
67°F 60°F

Monday May 4

Mostly cloudy early morning to early evening
Clear midevening onward
Drizzle early morning (0.012")
14 mph winds early afternoon to early evening
61°F 53°F


RiseSetSets in
Sun 5:47am 7:16pm 3h 27min
Length of day 13h 29min
Tomorrow +1min
Moon - -
Moon phaseDate
First QuarterApr 26
Waxing GibbousNow
Full MoonMay 4
Third QuarterMay 11
New MoonMay 18
First QuarterMay 26