Tromsø, Norway


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Mostly sunny
    13 mph winds from SW. 80% humidity. Dew point 25°F. 29.97" Hg. Visibility 33'.
  • Forecast and current conditions from 69.6800, 18.9200, 3' elevation
  • Current conditions updated at 10:50am, 32min ago

Forecast Met.noWWO

Today, Thursday Mar 5

Sunny midday
Mostly cloudy to overcast midafternoon onward
Drizzle at night (0.055")
Sleet at night (0.008")
15-23 mph winds midevening onward
39°F 32°F

Tomorrow, Friday Mar 6

Mostly cloudy to overcast early morning to early afternoon
Partly to mostly cloudy early afternoon to early evening
Mostly clear midevening
Mostly cloudy to overcast late evening
Drizzle early morning to early evening (0.091")
12-22 mph winds
42°F 39°F

Saturday Mar 7

Mostly cloudy to overcast
Light rain (0.450")
30 mph winds early morning to late afternoon
44 mph gale force winds early evening
35 mph winds early evening
25 mph winds late evening
15-23 mph winds at night
44°F 39°F

Sunday Mar 8

Light rain (0.590")
15 mph winds midafternoon onward
39°F 37°F Very oppressive

Monday Mar 9

Light rain (0.763")
15 mph winds
37°F 35°F Very oppressive

Tuesday Mar 10

Drizzle early morning to late afternoon (0.256")
Sleet early evening onward (0.196")
37°F 33°F Very oppressive

Wednesday Mar 11

Mostly cloudy to overcast early afternoon onward
Drizzle early morning to midday (0.059")
Sleet early morning (0.016")
37°F 30°F Very oppressive


RiseSetSets in
Sun 6:53am 4:59pm 5h 37min
Length of day 10h 5min
Tomorrow +9min
RiseSetRises in
Moon 4:52pm 6:45am 5h 30min
Moon phaseDate
First QuarterFeb 25
Full MoonNow
Full MoonMar 5
Third QuarterMar 13
New MoonMar 20
First QuarterMar 27