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Gainesville, FL, 32601, USA


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Mostly clear with mist
    0 mph winds from S. 96% humidity. Dew point 52°F. 30.16" Hg. Visibility 8'.
  • Forecast from 29.6520, -82.3230
  • Current conditions from 29.6800, -82.2700, 151' elevation, 4 mi away
  • Current conditions updated at 4:50am, 12min ago

Forecast NOAAMet.noWWO

Today, Wednesday Jan 18

Partly to mostly cloudy all morning
Sunny to mostly sunny late morning onward
81°F 54°F Muggy

Tomorrow, Thursday Jan 19

Overcast all morning
Sunny to partly cloudy all afternoon
Mostly cloudy to overcast early evening onward
78°F 57°F

Friday Jan 20

Overcast early morning
Partly to mostly cloudy late morning to midafternoon
Mostly sunny to mostly cloudy late afternoon onward
17 mph winds late morning to early evening
80°F 59°F Muggy

Saturday Jan 21

Overcast early morning to early afternoon
Mostly cloudy all afternoon
Mostly clear midevening onward
Light rain midmorning to early evening (77%, 0.593")
78°F 63°F Muggy
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RiseSetRises in
Sun 7:24am 5:54pm 2h 21min
Length of day 10h 30min
Tomorrow +1min
RiseSetSets in
Moon - 11:34am 6h 31min
Moon phaseDate
Full MoonJan 12
Waning GibbousNow
Third QuarterJan 19
New MoonJan 27
First QuarterFeb 3
Full MoonFeb 10

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