Madison, Wisconsin, United States


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Mostly sunny
    5 mph winds from NE. 47% humidity. Dew point 29°F. 30.07" Hg. Visibility 53'.
  • Forecast and current conditions from 43.1300, -89.3500, 856' elevation
  • Current conditions updated at 9:53am, 48min ago

Forecast NOAAMet.noWWO

Today, Sunday Apr 26

Sunny to mostly sunny
59°F 35°F

Tomorrow, Monday Apr 27

61°F 35°F

Tuesday Apr 28

Sunny to partly cloudy
66°F 37°F

Wednesday Apr 29

Sunny to mostly sunny
66°F 40°F

Thursday Apr 30

Sunny to mostly sunny
67°F 41°F

Friday May 1

Sunny to partly cloudy
Drizzle at night (20%, 0.041")
72°F 45°F
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RiseSetSets in
Sun 5:58am 7:52pm 9h 11min
Length of day 13h 53min
Tomorrow +2min
RiseSetRises in
Moon 12:50pm 2:19am 2h 9min
Moon phaseDate
First QuarterApr 25
Waxing GibbousNow
Full MoonMay 3
Third QuarterMay 11
New MoonMay 17
First QuarterMay 25