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Flash Not Loading

If the application fails to load, please try the following:

If you get it to work by doing something else

Please let us know so that we can help others! You can reach us here:

If it still doesn't work

If the application still doesn't work for you, then we'd greatly appreciate it if you'd do the following:

  • Install the debug version of the flash player (the ActiveX control / Plugin, not the Projector).
  • Go back to the main page and try again.
  • Hopefully this will pop up an error dialog with some text in it.
  • Please copy this text into an email and send that to: (be sure to remove the __remove_this_part__ if it shows up). If no error dialog shows up, then please send an email indicating this. Please also include the Browser, Flash Version & Platform info listed below.
  • Re-install the regular flash player. This is to avoid those error dialogs to show up during regular web surfing (a lot of flash ads have bugs in them).


Flash Version: