Download Historical Weather Data

WeatherSpark offers for-fee access to the historical weather data available on the site.

How Does Data Download Work?

On the dashboard, simply click the "Download"-button to get a menu of options. Add one or more stations to your cart, then go to the checkout from that menu. You can also add stations from the averages and forecast pages.

After making your selections and paying, we package up the data for you and email you links to it.

The email ususally arrives within minutes of your order (depending on payment method and the volume of data involved).

Data Formats and Contents

We offer hourly, daily, and monthly data. The data included in the download basically consists of the historical data shown in the graphs on the dashboard, but be sure to check out the full documentation. Note that the shaded backgrounds in the graphs are from the averages, and therefore not included in the download.

The data is delivered in a ZIP-file containing the data in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.

A lot of stations do not report Precipitation Amount, especially outside the US. If that is the data series you're looking for, then please turn on the Precipitation Amount graph when reviewing the stations you're interested in to make sure they have this data before making a purchase. You can also review the precipitation section of the station's history report.

Sample Data

You can download samples containing hourly, daily, and monthly data from three stations (San Francisco, CA, Madison, WI, and Key West, FL) for 1993-1994.

Please make sure your software can read the sample data prior to making a purchase.


Downloads are charged based on the total number of station years of data in the cart, not the number of stations involved. So downloading 2 years of data from each of 10 stations is the same as downloading 10 years of data from each of 2 stations.

Price Per Year
Station YearsHourlyDailyMonthly
0.00 - 1.00 $10.00$8.00$4.00
1.01 - 25.00 $2.50$2.00$1.00
25.01 - $1.00$0.80$0.40
Total Price
Station YearsHourlyDailyMonthly

Downloading less than 1 year of data rounds up to 1 year for pricing purposes.