A Fresh Take On Weather Reporting

Meet Your New Weather Dashboard

A rich, interactive map with the current conditions from thousands of locations worldwide.

Incredibly smooth radar playback for the last two hours - or any period in the last five years. US only

Pan and zoom through a graphical forecast, seamlessly transitioning to averages and historical data.

Compare the weather across locations for any time period.

Multiple forecasts shown in seventeen graphs - get precisely the data you want.

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The Forecast Reimagined

Traditional forecasts tend to be either too simplified or too verbose. We strike a balance and summarize the day with precisely the key pieces of information that are relevant to know.

This gives you a forecast that is at the same time quick and easy to read, while not skipping details that are actually important.

We also offer hour by hour graphs and the unique SparkRadar, a single image capturing the motion of the precipitation around you for the last 12 hours.

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In-Depth Weather Reports

Averages: detailed weather reports of the typical conditions for any location on earth - for the year, month, or day. Great for vacation and event planning!

Historical Weather: comprehensive reports of the weather history for any year and location on earth.

Download The Weather Data

Need weather data? We've got you covered - you can download the data for any station and any time duration you can see in the Dashboard.

Just pick the stations you'd like to download data from and go through the simple checkout process and you'll quickly have your data.