Beautiful Weather Graphs and Maps

A Fresh Take On Weather Reporting

Please read the Dashboard deprecation message

The Forecast Reimagined

Traditional forecasts tend to be either too simplified or too verbose. We strike a balance and summarize the day with precisely the key pieces of information that are relevant to know.

This gives you a forecast that is at the same time quick and easy to read, while not skipping details that are actually important.

We also offer hour by hour graphs and the unique SparkRadar, a single image capturing the motion of the precipitation around you for the last 12 hours.

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In-Depth Weather Reports

Averages: detailed weather reports of the typical conditions for any location on earth - for the year, month, or day. Great for vacation and event planning!

Historical Weather: comprehensive reports of the weather history for any year and location on earth.

Dashboard and Subscriptions deprecated

Years ago we made a terrible mistake: we developed the WeatherSpark Dashboard in Adobe Flash.

Years of effort went into the Dashboard. While a lot of people loved it, and hundreds of thousands of people used the Dashboard every month, the simple reality is that online ads continue to pay less and less, and very few people decided it was worth paying for it.

At the same time, Flash as a platform is dying. The WeatherSpark Dashboard is strongly integrated with the map component, and while there were multiple Flash maps available when the project started, there is today only one and that API has been deprecated with an unspecified sunset date - one day it’ll just get turned off.

The map provider has in the past graciously offered their map services for free, something we are extremely grateful for. Recently they have however insisted on charging for their services, which is very reasonable.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to come to an agreement with the map provider going forward, leaving us little choice but to remove the Dashboard right away.

Switching the Dashboard to HTML5, which would offer more map options, would cost vastly more than any plausible return.

This sucks, and we are just as upset and disappointed by this as you are.

We really wish we had made a better decision when we started out, but the reality is that we didn’t, and now we will all have to suffer for it.

Effective immediately:

- The Dashboard is no longer available.

- Subscriptions are deprecated, which means that existing subscriptions will not be charged again, and that it will not be possible to sign up for new subscriptions.

Thank you for your support, and we are sorry we weren’t able to make things work out better.

(This only applies to the Dashboard, the website will otherwise continue to operate as before)