Tromsø, Norway


Current Conditions

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Mostly cloudy with showers in the vicinity
    2 mph winds from SE. 100% humidity. Dew point 32°F. 29.80" Hg. Visibility 33'.
  • Forecast and current conditions from 69.6800, 18.9200, 3' elevation
  • Current conditions updated at 5:20pm, 18min ago

Forecast Met.noWWO

Tonight, Thursday Oct 30

Mostly sunny late afternoon onward

Tomorrow, Friday Oct 31

Mostly sunny early morning
Mostly cloudy to overcast midmorning to midafternoon
Mostly sunny late afternoon
Mostly cloudy to overcast early evening onward
Light snow midafternoon (0.2")
32°F 29°F

Saturday Nov 1

Sunny early morning
Mostly cloudy late morning to midafternoon
Overcast midafternoon onward
Light rain at night (0.173")
Heavy snow at night (1.5")
21 mph winds at night
39°F 24°F

Sunday Nov 2

Overcast early morning
Drizzle (0.481")
14-21 mph winds early morning
43°F 35°F

Monday Nov 3

Mostly cloudy at night
Drizzle early morning to midday (0.117")
Sleet all afternoon (0.075")
Light snow all evening (0.6")
38°F 30°F Very oppressive

Tuesday Nov 4

Mostly cloudy
32°F 22°F Very oppressive

Wednesday Nov 5

Mostly cloudy
25°F 23°F Very oppressive


RiseSetRises in
Sun 7:59am 2:53pm 14h 26min
Length of day 6h 53min
Tomorrow -8min
RiseSetSets in
Moon 2:05pm 8:45pm 3h 6min
Moon phaseDate
New MoonOct 23
Waxing CrescentNow
First QuarterOct 31
Full MoonNov 6
Third QuarterNov 14
New MoonNov 22