Gainesville, FL, 32601, USA


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Overcast with thunderstorm with heavy rain
    14 mph winds from S. 69% humidity. Dew point 70°F. 30.05" Hg. Visibility 4'.
  • Forecast from 29.6520, -82.3230
  • Current conditions from 29.6800, -82.2700, 151' elevation, 4 mi away
  • Current conditions updated at 7:08pm, 21min ago

Forecast NOAAMet.noWWO

Tonight, Monday Sep 1

75°F Very muggy

Tomorrow, Tuesday Sep 2

Sunny all morning
Mostly sunny late morning to midafternoon
Partly to mostly cloudy late afternoon to midevening
Clear at night
Light rain late morning to midevening (100%, 0.386")
96°F 75°F Oppressive

Wednesday Sep 3

Sunny to mostly sunny
Drizzle late morning to early evening (97%, 0.134")
97°F 73°F Oppressive

Thursday Sep 4

Light rain early afternoon (48%, 0.110")
Moderate rain midafternoon (72%, 0.110")
Light rain midafternoon to early evening (100%, 0.134")
95°F 75°F Oppressive
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RiseSetSets in
Sun 7:06am 7:51pm 22min
Length of day 12h 44min
Tomorrow -2min
RiseSetSets in
Moon 1:16pm - 4h 57min
Moon phaseDate
New MoonAug 25
Waxing CrescentNow
First QuarterSep 2
Full MoonSep 8
Third QuarterSep 15
New MoonSep 24