Madison, Wisconsin, United States


Current Conditions

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Overcast with light snow and mist
    16 mph winds from E. 84% humidity. Dew point 22°F. 30.12" Hg. Visibility 7'. 1.0" of snow (measured on Jan 29).
  • Forecast and current conditions from 43.1300, -89.3500, 856' elevation
  • Current conditions updated at 12:53am, 13min ago

Forecast NOAAMet.noWWO

Today, Sunday Feb 1

Overcast midday
Mostly clear at night
Light snow midday (100%, 3.5")
18 mph winds late morning
22°F 2°F

Tomorrow, Monday Feb 2

Sunny all morning
Mostly sunny midday to midafternoon
Mostly cloudy early evening
Overcast midevening onward
Light snow at night (20%, 0.1")
13°F 1°F

Tuesday Feb 3

Mostly cloudy to overcast
Light snow (40%, 0.7")
22°F 9°F

Wednesday Feb 4

Mostly cloudy early morning
Partly cloudy late morning to early afternoon
Mostly sunny midafternoon to early evening
Clear midevening onward
16°F -4°F

Thursday Feb 5

Sunny early morning to late afternoon
Mostly sunny late afternoon onward
7°F -4°F

Friday Feb 6

Partly to mostly cloudy
21°F -0°F
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RiseSetRises in
Sun 7:12am 5:09pm 6h 6min
Length of day 9h 56min
Tomorrow +2min
RiseSetSets in
Moon 3:21pm 5:27am 4h 20min
Moon phaseDate
First QuarterJan 26
Waxing GibbousNow
Full MoonFeb 3
Third QuarterFeb 11
New MoonFeb 18
First QuarterFeb 25