Madison, Wisconsin, United States


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Overcast with fog
    10 mph winds from SW. 92% humidity. Dew point 35°F. 29.89" Hg. Visibility 3'. 1.0" of snow.
  • Forecast and current conditions from 43.1300, -89.3500, 856' elevation
  • Current conditions updated at 9:53am, 32min ago

Forecast NOAAMet.noWWO

Today, Saturday Nov 22

Drizzle at night (65%, 0.020")
46°F 39°F

Tomorrow, Sunday Nov 23

Light rain (100%, 1.029")
Light snow at night (65%, 0.4")
47°F 34°F

Monday Nov 24

Light snow (65%, 2.2")
16 mph winds early morning to late afternoon
34°F 19°F

Tuesday Nov 25

Partly to mostly cloudy
25°F 18°F

Wednesday Nov 26

Mostly cloudy to overcast
Light snow (40%, 0.7")
31°F 18°F

Thursday Nov 27

Mostly sunny to partly cloudy
20°F 9°F
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RiseSetSets in
Sun 6:59am 4:27pm 6h 2min
Length of day 9h 28min
RiseSetSets in
Moon 6:47am 5:05pm 6h 39min
Moon phaseDate
New MoonNov 22
Waxing CrescentNow
First QuarterNov 29
Full MoonDec 6
Third QuarterDec 14
New MoonDec 21